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Thanks Liz for the for informative and inspirational post. I am excited to watch this develop and look foward to working with other innovators in the built world/construction to build together to deliver on the potential.

I would add:

Infrastructure 6. Industrialized Construction

Join me at this event in Stanford in February to meet with researchers and builders at the forefront of the digitalization of construction on Februay 2, 2022 https://cife.stanford.edu/events/industrialized-construction-forum-2022

The event is organized by Daniel Hall of Stanford/ETH https://ic.ibi.ethz.ch/people/prof-dr-daniel-hall.html

Infrastructure 7. Mass Timber

Mass Timber is exploding in popularity as wood gains increasing recognition as a carbon store and the ideal "natural" and sustainable building material that is also ideal for industrialized construction. More info on mass timber in my linkedin group


and in these 33 video presentations from leaders of the industry.


Infrastructure 8 - AEC Hackathons

Innovation and digitalization is happening far to slowly in the global $12 trillion construction industry. The industry needs to be openly hacked to accelerate innovation. We started the non-profit, volunteer-organized AEC Hackathons back in 2013 www.hackaec.com and have since organized 48 in 30 cities in 10 countries


to help connect innovators and support change in the industry.

Infrasture 9?

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